Growing up is meant to be one of the very best times in anyone’s life, but it can also be tough. Our childhood has a profound effect on the adults we become.

Challenges Facing Children and Young People Today:

  • Bullying

  • Expectations and Peer Pressure

  • Fears and Trauma

  • Happiness is all the Rage

  • Natural Hierarchies are no longer there

  • Personal and Oral Hygiene

  • Underdeveloped Emotional Skills

  • Unhealthy Use of Technology

Hypnosis for children works in a very similar way to how it works with adults.

When our body relaxes comfortably, and the mind is in a calm ‘day dreamy’ state, we enter a light state of hypnotic relaxation.

Children experience this kind of state many times a day quite naturally; whether they are waking from sleep or falling asleep or just becoming absorbed in thought or imaginative play.

In this kind of state, the inner part of our mind is really receptive to positive suggestion and can come up with creative solutions to problems.